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Server technologies

   When there is a necessity of a choice of a server for your business the qualified consultation at a choice and a complete set of the equipment corresponding to your problems can be necessary for you.

   What for consultation is necessary?
   The problem of the seller of the equipment - to sell the equipment. And its interest in it. Happens differently - the seller really qualified adviser, but the buyer not in a condition technically competently to formulate a problem. And the problem of our experts - to find out for what all it to you it is necessary and to pick up the equipment which will correspond to those problems for which decision it is the equipment is got. If to neglect, councils of the qualified expert, that is a high probability that the bought equipment will not correspond to those problems which will be assigned to it. Quite often, having counted upon itself (and consultations of the seller of the equipment) - get the server which under the characteristics can work only as a file server, and then are surprised why on it is not established (or too slowly the database) works. As a result - money is thrown out on a wind. We help to choose and get (through our partners) server equipment Hewlett-Packard. If more budgetary variant is necessary, for more simple problems - we will help and with it.

   Also we can consult for choice corresponding licence software and to carry out its installation and adjustment. We specialise on installation of licence software Microsoft, Kerio Technologies and software other manufacturers. Installation Microsoft SQL Server is made by experts having certificate Microsoft. Installation, support, completion of configurations 1C:Enterprise (including versions SQL) under needs of the customer, is made by the certificated experts "1C".

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