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   Maintenance service

   Now practically any area of business and not only business does not do without computers. And from stable work of this computer system, success of this business depends. It is possible certainly, to cause the technician when has already broken. The server or the computer or the program does not work. But while there will arrive the technician and all will repair, will pass time. And all this time the employee for whom the computer does not work will stand idle, and if it is server breakage all enterprise can stop. And it is already serious losses (at least not got profit for example). It is possible to hold in staff of the enterprise of the system administrator - but the qualified expert costs much. And not qualified expert costs not much, but it can be worse, than its absence in general.
   Our company offers an optimum variant - constant service by the coming system administrator. If the system is adjusted and consists of qualitative components it is a good variant of a parity of the price and quality. Periodically, for example weekly, the qualified expert comes and solves problems of users, watches a server and behind all computer network. It is cheaper, than the good expert working every day, but the same quality.
   Long-term practice confirms efficiency of such approach to service of computer systems, both the Russian enterprises, and foreign. Besides clients of the program of maintenance service have possibility to take advantage of all services connected with service of computer systems within the limits of the contract of maintenance service. That is at the conclusion of the contract of maintenance service all services except network installation, the web of design and works with 1C:Enterprise, are given without additional payment. Cost of the contract and a service mode is defined individually proceeding from needs of the customer.

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