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   Association of networks and remote access

   Often there is a necessity to unite a network of territorially carried offices or for example warehouses with the central office. Certainly, if both one and another (or others) offices serves the same Internet the provider the problem becomes simpler if the provider renders such service. But basically happens not so. Usually providers, in different places different, especially if other office or branch to be in other city. In that case to unite offices without a damage of safety of a network happens very inconveniently. We offer more safe variant - association of offices through VPN channels. It is reliable enough technology allowing to unite different divisions in a uniform network.

   But for many enterprises, especially trading, there is a necessity not only to unite networks of the central office with other offices and warehouses, but also to work in one database for example in trading a database or in accounts department. More often in Russia it 1С:Предприятие. But to work with this program, as well as with many similarly working simply through united VPN channels a network it is impossible, as in the course of program work through a network the information large quantity is transferred, and throughput the channel Internet differs from speed of a local network in tens and sometimes and hundreds times. An exit from this situation - use of a server of terminal access which the channel through the thin Internet provides high-grade work with the central database. The complex decision of similar problems - specialisation of our company.

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